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South America Growth and Yield
Brazil and Uruguay cruise compiler and empirical forest growth and yield model programs developed from un-thinned and multi-thinned pine and eucalyptus species re-measured permanent plot data. Includes volume estimation for 9 sorts based on tree taper.

Forest Carbon Credit
Modeling carbon pools for baseline and project scenarios for verification of carbon credits to the VCS CCB and other Standards.

Inventory Design and Analysis
Prioritize areas to inventory, collect data, inventory data summarization by species, size class, grade and products. Database maintenance tools, training, development and report writing.

Growth and Yield Projection
Project actual or hypothetical stands under various silvicultural regimes and rotation ages. One or more growth models (FPS, Organon, FVS) can be used to compare projections.

Entity X vs Y Volume Graph

Harvest Scheduling
Project whole tree farms into the future under various silvicultural assumptions and schedule stands based on sustained-yield, volume targets or cash-flow targets.

Net Present Value
Determine the current value of future income streams (also known as discount cash flow analysis). This typically involves determining current prices and costs, setting an inflation rate, wood appreciation rate and discount rate, growing current inventory to future rotation ages and bringing all future costs and revenues back to present. This is often employed as part of an appraisal or harvest schedule.

Projected Acres Graph
Forest Canopy

Land and Timber Appraisal
Develop estimates of opinion of land and timber value based on three approaches to value (cost, comparative sales and income), analyze higher and better use, and reconcile approaches to determine fair market value.

Tree Volume Graph

Statistical Analyses
Estimate sample sizes to achieve objectives, calculate measures of central tendency, accuracy and bias, test hypotheses of two or more samples being different from each other, statistical modeling, mathematical modeling.

Forest Projection and Planning System (FPS)
Installation, database conversion and training to help you fully utilize Forest Biometrics Research Institute inventory software. Testing and calibration of the various components of growth and yield in the FPS system (site index, taper, bark thickness, diameter growth, height growth, survival, small tree growth, large tree growth, etc.)

Rotation Yields Graph